This article outlines how to configure TeamMate Connector for a client to use Microsoft Teams with their phones
1. Reseller access to the TeamMate Enterprise Provisioning Portal
2. Global admin access to Microsoft Admin Center
3. Reseller access to Manager Portal

Prerequisites for Configuring TeamMate Connector

End users will want to ensure that the following prerequisites are met prior to opening a request to configure Teams Integration.

  1. Add TeamMate to Trust Traffic List

  2. Delete Previous Direct Routing

  3. Verify All Users Have Supported Microsoft Licenses

Configuring TeamMate Connector

Configuring TeamMate Connector requires configuration on both the provider and the client side. Below are the steps which should be followed in order. 

  1. Provider will Add the Client to TeamMate Connector and then notify the client that an invite to TeamMate Connector has been sent
  2. The client will then Set Up Direct Routing. Once direct routing is configured, the client will notify the provider
  3. The Provider will Configure PBX Settings, Configure Advanced PBX Settings, and Set up Users on TeamMate Connector and notify the client that TeamMate Connector is ready for use
  4. (Optional) Once TeamMate Connector is ready for use, the client may Build TeamMate Connector Application for Teams to extend portal functionality to their Teams app