This document will show you how to delete Direct Routing that was previously set up on Microsoft

Microsoft Global Admin access for the Enterprise

Deleting Direct Routing:
  1. Login into the
  2. Search for the users that are related to the Direct Route that you want to delete.
    1. For Each User Navigate to Policies.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Reset their Voice Route Policy to Global Default Policy
    4. Select Apply.
  3. Navigate to Voice.
    1. Click on Direct Routing.
  4. Navigate to the Voice Routes tab.
  5. Select Voice Route related to the Direct Routing you want to delete.

  6. Delete the Voice Route.

  7. Once removed, navigate to Voice routing policies.

  8. Delete Voice Route policy that is associated with the Direct Route you want to delete.

  9. Navigate to Microsoft Admin Center.

  10. Navigate to Users then Active Users.

  11. Search for the Direct Routing User that is created by the Direct Route provider you wish to remove.

  12. Delete the User.

  13. Navigate to Settings

  14. Click Domains.

  15. Select the Domain that is set up by the Direct Route provided and Remove domain.

  16. Navigate to Azure Active Directory under Admin centers.

  17. Select Users from the left menu.

  18. Navigate to Deleted Users.

  19. Permanently delete the User that was removed in step 12.