This document will show you how to add TeamMate Connector for a client as an Enterprise.
Note: Before doing this make sure you have gone through the prerequisites needed to get to this point, which you can check here.

Reseller access to TeamMate Enterprise Provisioning Portal.

Setting up the Enterprise:
  1. Click Add Enterprise under the Enterprise Management Menu
  2. Enter Company name for the Enterprise.
  3. Enter Global Administrator Email Address.
  4. Select US East 1 as the SBC Region.
  5. Select the Account type.
  6. Select the Music On-Hold.
  7. Select the PBX Type.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Once you click Submit, it will send an invitation to the Microsoft Office Global Administrator and there they will need to complete the setup on their side. Click here for the document that they should follow to complete the setup.  

Note: The Microsoft Office Global Administrator is the highest level of administrative credentials in Office 365 administration. It is required to initially register with the TMC and to install the PBX Application. It can be used for the entire setup process or this can be delegated to another User with Teams Service Admin and Skype for Business Admin rights. Specifically, Users with those delegated rights can set up Direct Routing and Manage Users.